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A documentary film exposing the attempt to hide the revolutionary results of the 10 year $31 million NIH study to assess the impact of Chelation Therapy on heart disease and diabetes.

In 1999, cardiologist Roy Heilbron, MD and Angelique Hart, MD began participating in the $31 million double-blind NIH PACT & TACT studies on the effects of Chelation Therapy on heart disease, diabetes, and heart attacks. On Nov. 4, 2012, Dr. Gervasio Lamas, the director of the TACT study presented the stunning results of 10 year study that involved over 130 clinics and 1,700 patients at the annual American Heart Association's 2012 Scientific Sessions. Later that day, Elliott Antman, MD, Director of the AHA, announced that there was not enough information to recommend Chelation Therapy until more studies were done, although TACT was designed to be the definitive;10 year study. Normally published the same day as the presentations, the NIH TACT statistical results were not published by the Journal of the American Medicine Association for an unprecedented 5 months, until March 27, 2013, at which time they were either not reported or obscured within any articles by mainstream media.

"Unleaded" takes a look at how heavy metals cause disease, and what Chelation Therapy can do towards possibly curing heart disease, diabetes, and many other diseases by removing heavy metals and toxins from our bodies.

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Practical Magic: What Matters, Matters

Patrick Horton, PhD teaching his world renknown "Practical Magic: What Matters, Matters" Screenwriting Course. For decades, Patrick coached the biggest names in Hollywood storytelling in television and film from successful screenwriters, agents' story departments, directors, editors, and producers to studio heads. Learn from the best storycoach in Los Angeles, Patrick Horton and discover what really matters to you about your stories!

Download Only Runtime: 2h:40m

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Body: The Value of Women

Image Size: MP4 Video - 640x480
Aspect Ratio: 4x3

Run time: 57 minutes

Each year in the United States and increasingly the world, there is an alarming increase in depression, addiction, and suicide, especially in female teens and adult women.  Poor body image, self-criticism, and self-mutilation are widely practiced rituals for a large number of women.  Women find themselves being judged by their looks every minute of every day.  Eating disorders are on the rise.  Worldwide, women continually struggle with issues of self-worth and value. 

BODY: The Value Of Women is a film that addresses the issues of body image and self-esteem in the United States, exposing the levels of self-hatred imposed by our culture and the media. It reveals the specific creative machinations of artificial images that reinforce negative body image and low self-esteem, and shows what women can do to feel whole and accepting of themselves.

In discovering these contributing causes of negative self-esteem, BODY: The Value Of Women points to the power women have in finding value and self-worth in their abilities and inner character so they can find their way to self-love.

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